The consequences of the first World War

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economy and society during the warthe war economy:many recent inventions were also used in the war,such as the telephone,the telegraph,armoured tanks, aeroplane,submarines,grenades,machine guns,heavy artillery and poison gas.Social effects of the war:women had to replace them in manyareas of economic activity,like in in officies and factories.Ater the war many women wanted to continue working.The post-war world.The peace settlement-representatives of the allied powers met at the paris peace conference (11919-1929)to decide the conditions that would be imposed on the conditions that would be imposed on the defeated central powers:GreatBritain,Italy,France,US.Peace treaties:Treaty of versailles:It could not have tanks or an air force.It had to return alsace-lorraine to france and german region of east prussia was divided from the rest of the country by a corridor of land that was given to poland.It had to pay repaations to the european allies.It had to sing the war-guilt clause.The leage of nations-An international organisation that wouldguarantee peace and prevent future wars.The consequences of the first World War:Death and injury-the war peoduced millions of casualties.Material destruction-The fightingg destroyed cities,factories,farmland and infraestructure such as roads, bridges and ports.Economic decline-Europe lost its economic leadership and needed loans from the US.The US became the worlds leading economic power.New european states-the german,austro-hungarian,russian and ottoman empires ceased to exist.As a result new states were created:Poland,Czechoslovakia,austria,hungary,yugoslavia and finland.Colonial changes-The paris peace treaties gave allied powers control over colonies or regions that belonged to the central powers before the war.These were known as a mandate territories.

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