Constitution of spain 1808-1833

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1.Ejercicio de poner la palabra bien

-VI-VII, implemented-repealed
-Pragmatic Sanection-Salic law
-The Criollo bourgeoise-Spain
-The Spanish constitution of 1876 dedares Isabella-Cánovas del Castillo
-Chamber of Representatives- congreso de los diputados
-Are not elected
-Must be least 30 years old
-every 75000-sufragio universal
-six years-three years
-quitas el 'not' de 'not invoiable
2.Complentar las siguientes frases
-The main causes of...The crisis of the monarchy
-Amodeo 1 was a liberal monarch/chosen to take the throne
3.What was the First Republic?
The first republic was regime that prepared a programme of economic and social reforms
4. Complete the following sentences
a)The crisis of monarchy led to abdication (of Amodeo) which aimed to abolish the monarchy and establish a republican political system 
b)During the sexennium
5. Preguntas en inglés
-What role did the army...?
Military leaders became political leaders 
-What were the most important events of the crisis of the Ancien Regime?
French invasion, Mutiry of Aranjuez an War of Independence
-What was ferdinand 7 position..?-Ferdinand?
Was absolutist 
-What were the consencuences Shanish American...?
Spain lost tax reveunes
-Which social group supported Isabella?...?
Upper bourgeoise, dandowners
-Why did the First Republic fail?
Division between republicans, epposition of monarchists, wars, etc..
6.Ejercicio de definir
Pronunciamiento: Military uprising
Carlism: movement that supported Carlos Mª Isidro
Salic law: Law that prohibited women's reign
7.Definir personas
Ferdinand 7: Spanish who defended
Espartero: progresive general, absolutism regent and prime minister
Amodeo of savoy: king during the Democratic sexennium
Joseph 1: king of spain (1808-1813) Napoleon's brother
Simón Bolívar: politican who led the independent movement in south America
Prim: progresive general who was murdered in 1870
Infante Carlos: ferdinand 7's brother who did not recognise has cousin isabelle's right to the throne
Narvaez: moderate general, the most influent politican during Isabella's reign
Cánovas: conservative politican who ruled Spain during the Bourbon Restoration
8.Ejercicio de diferenciar
-Carlist/liberalism: they supported Don Carlos/Isabella 2
-Moderates/preogressives : the defended shared/national sovereignty
9.Preguntas Alisson
-What did the 1812 constitution...?
Sovereignty resides in the nation, Cortes has legislative power, suffrage was universal etc...
-What did Ferdinand 7 when...?
Ferdinand 7 revoked the constitution 
-How did the independence of the colonies affect Spain?
Spain become bankrupt
-Why did ferdinand 7 revoke salic law?
To ensure his doughters reign
10.Ejercicio del libro de inglés
Choose three areas of ideology and explain the differences...-Moderate defended shared sovereignty very limited suffrage and restricted rights Progressives defended national fovereignty, census suffrage and individual rights 
-What other political groups were there?How did their ideologies differ...?
Demonats promoted universal suffrage. Republicans wanted to establish a republic
11.Completa frases
a)Maria Christina supported moderate liberals 
b)In 1843, Isabella was proclained queen 
c)The constitution of 1845 restricted suffrage and limited libertion
d)Carlists included rural habilities, clery and peasant
12.Explain the role of following people in the politics...:
a)Maria Christina was regent between 1833 and 1840
b)Mendizábal confisccated church lands
c)Isabella 2 was queen between 1843 and 1868
d)O'Donnell created the liberal union 

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