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In my life, we see advertisements, in Magazines, at work, at home, at school… Lots of people think that those Advertisements are more harm than good, but I have a different opinion.

For me, they are very important because that Makes lots of jobs for creative and imaginative people. Moreover advertisements Show the content in a original way and some are very funny; and for that reason People talk about then as well.

In addition, people who are advertisers earn Money with that, and companies which are the competitors see the advertisements And cut prices for a better sale.

In conclusion, I agree with having Advertisements in our life. In a future I´d like to work in something related To that topic because I am a very creative person.

-Elizabeth George is an excellent writer whose Novels are best sellers.

Elizabeth George, whose novels are best sellers, is an excellent writer.

-The house was so dirty that it smelt awful.

It was such A dirty house…

-You are not allowed to ride a motorbike…

You mustn’t ride a…

It is Forbidden to ride…

-It´s years since I spoke to Jenny.

I haven´t Spoken to Jenny for years.

The last Time I spoke to Jenny was years ago.

I last Spoke to Jenny years ago.

PASIVA: Verbo to be En tiempo verbal de la oración principal + Participio.

Have something done: Have en el mismo tiempo que este la oración principal+CD+Vb en participio.

E.I: -Questions: He said, did you meet Jane? = He Asked if I had met Jane. Normales suprime that.

-Orders en Infinitive: my teacher told us to do our homework and not to use our phone.

-Suggestions: He said, shall we go to the cinema? =He suggested going to the cinema.

Condicionales: 1º Situaciones que se cumplirán: IF + Presente simple, will o won´t infinitivo.

2º: situaciones presentes o futuras, poca probabilidad. IF + pasado simple, would o n´t Infinitivo.

3º: IF + Pasado perfecto (had done), would have past participe.

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