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UNIT 2. CONCORDANCE. A list of all examples of the search word or phrase found in a corpus. CO-OCCurrence. Expresses ow often two terms from a corpus occur alongside each other in a certain order. Words which together create a new meaning. Sketch engine's word sketch or collocation search. KWIC: key word in content, refers to the red text higlighted in a concordance. Red text is the result that matches the search criteria. NODE: collocation central word in a collocation ex strong(collocate) wind(node) QUERY. The search word or phrase, a sequence of characters or words or thheir combinations in put by the user in order to retrieve concordance. WORD LIST: a generic name for various types of lists such as list of words, lemmas, pos tags or others attricutes with their frequency. WILDCARD: wild character or wilcard character, its a symbol used to replace or represent one or more characters.

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