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1. How much does it cost to market a movie?

-up to $40 or $50 million.

-The people who pay for the marketing.

-it Represented a change from content to image.

-it Would probably cost too much money.

-four Groups, based on age and gender.

-Women Who are over 25 years old.

-there's A movie with Sandra Bullock in it.

-Yes, And thatís bad news for those who love other kind of movies

1. What makes Chris uncomfortable about the hot Weather?

-The way He has to dress for hot weather.

-Everything Stops in Spain if thereís 5 cm of snow.

-films And clothes were not so updated in Greenland.

-Because Dogs are dangerous; they are not pets.

-People Fly by helicopter.

-They Are very well paid even if life in Greenland is expensive.

-are Said to stink and you throw coins in the air which the children collect.

-The Lights are spirits who take you if you whistle while they play.

1.Steve is apparently nervous because he...

-has Never been interviewed on the radio before.

-it is More sophisticated and scary.

-he had To climb up a statue.

-Because He found out how much like David Jones he himself was.

-Steve Went to his first concert last year.

-He heard one of their songs in a film Soundtrack.

-is Crazy about The Drixies.

-go to Music concerts.

1. Matthew Fox is surprised that...

-so many People are still interested in the show.

-some People liked it a lot, some didn’t like it at all.

-Hidden Cues about the possibility for a sequel.

-so many People discussed the show.

-He's Convinced that there will not be one.

-Lost was A unique thing that can't be repeated.

-appropriate Because it concludes a very complicated story line.

-No, Because it showed a tropical island inhabited by polar bears and smoke


1. John Craven first missed an episode of Newsround because

-his Daughter was born.

-reporter On a local newspaper.

-changing The way stories are presented on television.

-did not Have any regrets.

-he felt Like changing directions and doing something new.

-for Teenagers and children in general.

-are Interested in many different things.

-is very Proud of his job in Newsround and Countryfile.

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