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1.Non-ferrous metals and their alloys 1. General non-ferrous metals a) with medium melting temperature: Cu, Ni, b) with low melting temperature: Zn, Cd, 2. Light metals a) with medium melting temperature: Al, Mg, Be, b) with low Melting temperature: Li, Na, 3. Noble (precious) metals a) with medium Melting temperature: Ag, Au b) with high melting temperature: Ru,4. High Melting temperature metals a) with BCC lattice: W, Ta, b) with HCP lattice: Ti, Zr, 5. Rare earth metals a) trace metals: Sc, Y, La b) Lanthanides: Ce, Pr, 6. Radioactive metals, transuranides and transactinides a) Naturally occurring radioactive metals: Po, Fr, b) transuranides and actinides: Np, Pu, c) transactinides and superactinides: Rf, Db. ; Raw metal: 3-5% of impurities; Technically pure Metal: up to 1% of impurities (fluxing); Electrolytically refined metal: up to 0.5% of impurities; For specific applications: Spectral, physical, Semiconductor, nuclear. Ores and other materials for production of NFMs. Preparation Technologies consist of a sequence of various processing steps. The aim of These processes is to separate utility components and to obtain better Technically and economically exploitable products. Preparation of ores and Other mineral resources includes the following basic steps:1. Raw material preparation – mechanical ore disintegration By crushing and milling in order to separate mineral and waste particles.2. Separation – processes leading to enrichment of the processed mineral and Increase in metal content in the ore.3. Processing of the prepared Products and preparation of metallurgical concentrates.

2.Crushing and milling are used to decrease ore Lumpiness. The boundary between crushing and milling is given by the applied Disintegration technology or the final product granularity. Every device for Mechanical ores preparation operates in a certain granularity interval. Therefore, The crushing and milling processes are always performed in several steps, Between which the material is assorted. Final material granularities after mechanical Processing.

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