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Social Networks are spaces in the Internet formed by communities of individuals with Interests and activities in common, such as friendship, kinship, work and that Allow the contact between them, so that they can share content and interact.

No One thought that social networks were going to be a success, many believed that They were just going to be a fad and would soon disappear. What is even more Surprising is that it is now a consolidated universal platform, a highly Requested and necessary tool for a brand, company, business or artist. But it Is not only of great help for various sectors, also for any individual who is In them.

Now, Networks are already generating employment, but it was never thought that it Would ever exist. New jobs were born due to the positioning requirement in These social sites, among them and the best known are: the community administrator and the generators of content for the blog. The former are Responsible for managing the account of a brand, to publish, to promote and to Serve the users until it stops the best form some crisis that is a presentation In the red and that affects the reputation of the firm.

But There is also the Director of Social Networks and his profile is quite a Difference of a Director of Community, as well as the functions that must Develop. The Social Media Manager prepares and plans the strategy that the Administrator of the Community will execute in the different campaigns.

Social Networking is also a useful tool to find work. Many recruiters spread the jobs In them to have greater reach, especially when dealing with massive Recruitments where too much staffing is requested. In addition, they facilitate The obtaining of the required information at any time, due to the instant Update.

Technological Development and the consolidation of social networks in our lives definitely Impose new channels of communication, new patterns of behavior and new Proposals that are appropriate to take advantage of within the work Environment.

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