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EEM-communication w evt attendees. initial invitation usually the first communication,will contain all detail,values,propostitions&markeing mssg2encourage registration. Follow Up Marketing similar to initial invitation but slightly different mkt mssg for those did not response first time. Evt registration confirmation 2 assure attendees that rgstration is received&processed correctly. Regret Mssg 2 Decline inrease positive perception of the event and forge stronger relationships. Event Reminder helps foster stronger relationship&usually contain basic logistical info,program changes/outstaining matters. Post Evt Thk You show appreciation&provides opportunity 2 sell merchandise, offer educational matters&allow feedback.

-is effective source of info..&communication between evt organizers&participants. Goals , attract more attenees 2 drive 2 exhibits. Cross-sell current attendees into other products&services. Create new sales opportunities for exhibitors. Lower attendee cancellation rate.

Principles of Ethicial Marketing - All marketing com. Share the common standard of truth, marketing professionals abide by the highest standard of personal ethics, advertising is clearly distinguished from news& entertainment content, marketers should be transparent about who they pay to endorse their products,the privacy of the consumer should never be compromised. Ethics should be discussed openly&honestly during all marketing decisions

Stakeholder - engage evt stakeholders throughout the event planning process to gain community satisfaction&support for the evt:resulting in competitive advantage. WHO-groups of people w common interests will work on/influence the evt , directly/indirectly.WHY-the success planning&outcome of an evt depend on the evt manager's ability 2 identify,liaise,understand&maintain effective communication channels w each stakeholder.WHAT-the evt marketer is responsible for the commuication aspect of an evt,develops the strategies. WHEN-stakeholders differing objectives,resources,needs,positions of power & expectations. HOW-effective stakeholder collaboration&cooperation can lead to a sharing resources,local know-how expertise&resources.

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