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  • Secondary storage is non-volatile , it keeps its content when the power is switched off.It has many different uses – for example:.Programs and data are stored on hard disk.CDs may be used to distribute software, music, e-books etc.Memory sticks may be used to transport data from one place to another.Magnetic tape or external hard drives may be used for backup.What other uses are there for secondary storage devices?

  • PrimaryRAM,ROM,SecondaryHDD,SSDOffline secondary storage.CD,DVD BluRay,USB Flash memory,Removable HDD,Magnetic tapeMagnetic: Mechanical parts move over the disks surface to read and write data magneticallyOptical: Lasers read and write data using lightSolid State: Data is recorded onto solid memory chips without any moving ,magneticsDisk contains concentric circles called tracks,Each track is divided into sectors,Disk heads mounted on mechanical arms read and write the data.OpticalsData is stored as pits and lands burnt into a spiral track circulating outwards from the centre.A laser beam passes over the pits and lands the level of reflection is measured.From this signal, 0s and 1s can be derived from reflections or no reflections ,Solid-state disks use non-volatile flash memory to store information,Very fast burst read/write speeds due to data being physically close and easy to recover,No mechanical or moving partsflash memory,Large electric current used to force electrons through a barrier and trap them on the other side,They remain on the other side until “flashed” with a new current, hence the name,Trapped (charged) or not trapped = 0 or 1Cloud storage refers to saving data in an off-site storage system maintained by a third party,Instead of saving data on your computer's hard drive or other local storage device, you save it to a remote database, and access it via the Internet

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