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Social Networks are a space of constant communication and contact, which has worked to Open up other possibilities, such as the sale of products, social service and Above all a means to offer and find employment; In this space has been Consolidated as a fundamental support for the attraction and selection of Talent and the recruiters have in them a source of talent search and Information about the person to whom they are going to hire.

Now, networks are Already generating employment, a plus that was never thought to exist, thanks To this new jobs were born due to the demand for positioning in these social Sites, among them the most known are: the community manager and the Blog Content generators.

The former are Responsible for managing the account of a brand, from publishing, promoting and Attending to users until it stops the best form of crisis that comes to present In the network and that affects the reputation of the firm.

On the other hand, web Content generators, search through attractive articles to attract the attention Of users, thus they will be interested indirectly in the product that is being Offered, and while reading will be browsing the company website. This can be Promoted on Facebook or Twitter with attractive titles that attract clicks.

Finally, social networks are very Easy to use as a search tool, avoiding looking for options in the newspaper or Walking each corporate walk. Better yet, thanks to the SSNN, with LinkedIn you Can upload your professional profile so that someone is interested in your Career. Social networks are already part of our life and we can not make a side Of it, are invading by leaps and bounds almost every sector.

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