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How to generate new ideas. 1 look for the competition what people say, distributers, look at market sectors, indirect competition, companies that are making similar products with similar functions, idea generation customer needs and wants, identify the weakness in order to have improvement, brainstorm product issues, we need to work witth the team memebers to brainstorm product issues. Feedback, recommendation. Review our quality, review car research considering market research and plan and customer surveys, what the customer is telling us, how do they see the product,talk with our suppliers or business partners, idea screming we need to decide which idea to pursue and list the customer needs we have developed with car product. Swot analysis of our idea.

Multichanel marketing, is the ability to interact with potential customers on various platforms. In this sense, a channel might be a print ad, a retail location a website, a promotional event, product package or even word of mouth. M.C is about choice. HP extream is a m.C customer communication management software solution that is able to makie customer interactions more profitable. Designed for entrerprises that thrive on strong customer relationships, HP empowers business users to make the most of every customer touch point. Create insightful,impactful real time customer communications that are proven to improve customer satisfaction and fuel business growth. While the ability to deliver documents to both print and electronic chanels has been an essential feature of hp from the begining, and stride forward by leting you assign specific pieces of content from existing.This means you deliver the appropriate level of detail to consumers based on their prefered delivery channels. For example you can deliver an account balance via sms text notification, as well as the entire account statement via emails as pdf, all from a single design.

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