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Start-up Of a construction project, Architectural competition What is the content of a Feasibility study? - analysis of the existing Samples - site analyses - technical constraints (soil, inclination etc.)- legal Circumstances (regulations) - functional - technological analysis (e.G. Museum, Factory) - architectural program - list of rooms/premises - functional analysis (drawings) - traffic analyses - legal analysis - cost Estimation (area based – with plans, based on samples) - time estimation (for The whole project) Introduce The different types of construction projects regarding to scale, cost and time! MINOR PROJECTS: - „low Cost” - mainly privately financed - direct Contract with the architect, responsibility and tasks of the architect is Complex LARGE PROJECTS: PRIVATE INVESTMENT no limitation but competition or tender can be organized voluntary by following the rules of the orders PUBLIC PROCUREMENT thresholds (umbrales/limites) - National threshold - threshold of the European Council - strict regulation of the Project - competition, tender What Are the tasks of the organizer and the jury in case of an architectural Competition? PLANNING COMPETITION – TASKS Organizer» defining aim and type Of competition» ensuring the financial background» invitation of the jury » Defining the assignment of the competition » making the competition Announcement » organizing the competition» announcing the results, offering Awards » utilization of the plans Jury» selection of the most valuable plans (according To the aim of the competition) » evaluation with justification » opening the „envelops” of the awarded plans » recommendations for the future design hases Participants» submission of the Plans What Is the content of the announcement of an architectural competition (detailed Program, necessary information, annexes)? The detailed program Contains: • detailed assignment of The task (data, guidelines) • further information, How to gain not provided but available data • Data have to be taken into consideration in the work of the participants • required data Helping objective assessment • Information - how to record if patent has Been used • professional aspects of evaluation • Requirements of the technical documentation • List of items must be submitted Necessary information has to be provided • Name of the organizer • title, subject and type Of the competition conditions of the participation • cost of the competition documentation – location, where it Is obtainable • information on submission (deadline, Location, way of submission) • conditions of the evaluation • members of the jury questions (how And when will be answered) • in case of invitation form the list of the invited Participants • data on architectural contract (deadlines, prizes) • table of contents regulations concening The project • the return of The non-awarded works • location and date of announcement of the results Annexes •site plans, site information•maps, results of Analyses, forgoing plans, photos•data sheet for participants•envelop 

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