Contest of crime

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1 She reminded Mateo to turn off his computer before leaving2 I got used to commuting 3 If he hadn´t know the owner of the Company, he wouldn´t have got this job4 If only you could go on holiday in August5 That boy May have broken his mobile pone yesterday6 Jean wanted to know what time John Punished work next day7 They are meeting in front of the cinema8 The man to Whom you are looking is my neighbour9 If he hadn´t commited a crime he wouldn´t Be in prisión10 I wish I hadn´t hurt my wrist11 I regret having trusted her12 I Didn´t mean to call you13 I will have found a job in two years´time 14 After he Had spent a month in Paris, his French improved15 Did you use to go to the Beach in the summer16 What does is make you sleep so badly17 The train will Have arrived by 7:1518 We haven´t visited my uncle for a long time 19 Peter had Never lied to his Friends20 If i had got the job, I wouldn´t fell unhappy21 Kate Can´t have written this message22 Tom asked Jane whether she wanted to eat out Whit him that evening 23 We are having our dinner cooked right now24 The main Course was served to them before the starter by the waiter25 Skaspeare was Reported to have been married at the age of 1826 We will have our ticked Collected from the station 27 Are vegetarian dishes served at this hotel 28 Japanese which learnt is a baby, is a hard lenguaje 

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