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MEsopotamia: The growth of cities: The early cities in the world were built by people who had the most advanced farming, crafts and trade.The best known early civilizations are those of ''the ancient world'' that emerged along the rivers: tigris and Euphrates-Mesopotamia;besides the river Nile-Egypt, aorund the Huang Ho rivers.China and along the river indus-India. Full civilizations appreared when villages grew into towns and cities with governments, laws and second keeping. This advance is called civilization, a word that mean ''living in a city''. It also includes whole races of people who have developed culture and any way of life with their own ways of reading and writing and producing arst and crafts. River civilizations are featured by: A strong political power, led by the king who created a body of civil servants. A very hierarchical society: King-Privileged people-Subjugated people

The Fertile Crescent:Mesopotamia:The name Mesopotamia comes from Greek and means between rivers. It is the land between the rivers Tigris and Euphrates,Today this is Iraq.     Writingemerged in Mesopotamia over 5000years ago, when cities grew it became necesary to create a system of control to keep the data which are useful to the king and his governments taxes, trade transactions...Etc. Soon other things were registered in writing, holy books,science books,and literacy books.The presence of writing was so important that historys set the birth of history from this event.

The political history of Mesopotamia was defined by the alternating of peoples: A)Sumerians: thy built  large cities, such as Ur and Uruk and Ziggurats(pyramid-shape temples) where their priests could study the stars.They invented the wheel and also dug canals and trade by sea.The developed the writing(using-weoge-shaped sings on wet clay)B)Babylonians:The city of Babylon become the capital of the Akkdians.Their kings graduality took the control of all Mesopotamia. Thos most famous kings was Hammurabi(1792-1759BC) His frist code of lwas helped to rule his great empire.Babylon was famous for its beautiful hanging gardens. C)Assyrians:Fierce warriors from about 1300BC.Thir kings began to conquer a huge are, including Babulon and Damascus.There people ruled Mesopotamia until Alexander The GReat captured Babylon in 331BC.

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