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WORK STUDY: First I would like to make a significant clarification, which we can say that Becquer in each of their legends in this book, talks about the supernatural. These may be related to love, hate, with the search of forgiveness, with the search of the ideal, with support for reconsidering, etc. Also often include women as men because of the destruction, either by its extreme beauty , seapor and love, so great for her that leads him to do terrible things ... In some legends, it's like second narrative, ie Bécquer want to see him lahistoria tells you that he has explained, this happens in the following legend: La cruz del diablo (see pág.157) The Mount of souls (see pág.197) Maese Perez, the organist (see pág.217) The Miserere (see pág.263) The Pink Passion (see pág.363) Some of the legends have something to do with the devil : A beauty mujerde diabolical invocation aldiablo to sow evil, visions that are like second sides of the devil, yet beautiful faces ocultasdel wrong, etc.. In other supernatural serve to do good, as in the promise that he sees the hand of LAAM is that aid, from evil, death and also is a way to remind you day and night, has a promise to fulfill. Or in other simply is the spiritual life does not stop his spirit rest in burial, because it has things in this world task. For example, in the legend of Maese Perez, the organist, his spirit returns from the dead to play, every year, your body, on the night of Holy Thursday. Or that of the Miserere, the priests of the church demolished return every Friday night to play a miserere to seek forgiveness from God, for not being prepared for doomsday. In other is not supernatural but exaggerated love of country or religion that conducea to bestiality. Such as in the legend of the Rose of Passion, in this legend, the father of Sara, the protagonist, who is Jewish, kills his daughter for having a lover Hebrew and Hebrew confess, confess a love of God of the same people hated by his father, precisely, being of another religion. THEMES: The most frequent topics are where there are supernatural events, violations of the rules of love, legends in which the devil appears in various forms, etc. . So we will analyze the themes of the legends one by one. LA CRUZ DEL DIABLO: In this legend, just reading the title is a clear antithesis, how can a cross is of the devil? So you can see that in this legend must prevail sobrenatura-les forces of evil. THE GOLD bangle provocation Try feminine beauty of women so extreme, passion and love so deep that leads man betrayal of their beliefs, ending this mad. EL MONTE DE LAS ANIMAS Here is also the issue of provocation from the dead female driver, finding in it the eternal life. They also appear supernatural. GREEN EYES This legend spread the story of a man and his downfall because of a vision, a woman, beautiful all over, but the point that fixation leads are more green eyes, fascinating. Prove to be a face of the devil. PÉREZ MASTER AGENCY As a mountain of souls, here also the presence of life after death. The spirit of this man, who lives forever, to do what he loves best. THE MOON BEAMHere we see as the imagination of the perfect woman and ideal for a man can lead him to madness. The Miserere is about a man than to seek forgiveness, and violating the rules of the supernatural events that occurred in a church, just crazy . The Kiss The Kiss, which gives the legend title is the action that will bring out a man with a statue of a dead woman and this is brought down by the statue of her husband.

Characters: In this section, it's time to say that Becquer, in some legends, appears as the person who will explain the history. The characters in the legends are always people, not the rhymes that sometimes the elements of nature are endowed with human characteristics. Sometimes the characters can be faces of the devil or the same. But usually they are normal people with their characteristics and points of weakness. In other legends, such as the gold bracelet, the protagonists are a couple, as well as in the legend of the promise. Or being a couple, ie man and woman without ties recognized as in the legend of the Mount of souls, in which the characters are Beatrice and Alonso, two cousins. Or couples where one of the two is the flesh and the other is a vision or a simple failure of vision that leads to creating an ideal woman through the imagination. In the first description as an example would be the legend of the green eyes in the second, of the moonbeam. Of course the legends in which the protagonist is a man, later spirit. Refer to the legend of Master comprovación Pérez organist. NARRATOR narrator acts differently depending on the part where we are. In the prologue the narrator is usually in first person or in some cases, where the prologue and is introduced into the body of the story, is in third person. The body of the story is mostly third-person omniscient, at least in some legend, who is on first and third person at a time. As in the cross of the devil. And the epilogue, not always available are narrated in the first or third person, regardless of the legend. TIME AND SPACE Bécquer places the scenes of their legends in convents, cemeteries, abandoned or demolished churches, castles, tombs, etc. In different cities, the most frequent, Toledo, but also existing Bellver, Soria, etc. Legends are referring to very ancient times, the Middle Ages, to be exact, but close sometimes and sometimes more specific, as when he quotes a period, for example, when the Moors had yet most of Spain. Or as when he cites a particular day, for example: the night of All Saints, Holy Thursday, etc.. CONCLUSION Becquer in legend gives a total canviazo rhymes in comparison to what it was all love, unrequited or not, death, suffering , bitterness, etc. In the legends of full turns in the spiritual, in the afterlife, in a nutshell in the supernatural. Everything is tragedy, comedy or not depends on the different tastes of the reader, but all is a punishment, a punishment bad, in the smaller cases. It seems that the author tipping his misfortunes on the legends, their experiences, bad habits and give them a touch of cruelty. As I said, as of now appears intend to highlight it because I can not speak too much about this subject without knowing how his life really was and what he made ​​of it. STRUCTUREThe structures are made of two maneras.En which I shall consider some of the content, ie, which seek the prologue, the body of the story and the epilogue (if any), call external structure. In what I have in mind is the different parts of the legend, the events that occur will call internal structure. Begin by saying that there are two types of external structures in which only contains the prologue and the body of the story as in the following legends: the cross of the devil, gold bracelet, green eyes and kiss. And those that are composed of a prologue, body of the story and, finally, an epilogue. That would be the rest. Speaking of internal structures in most is a composition which can consist of several parts, but where comes an explanation of the legend where are the rules, prohibitions, promises, oaths, etc. ; A violation of these standards, do not keep a promise, an oath, betraying the religion, etc. And finally the punishment of the wrongdoer, in various ways, ending the life of this, leaving him in a state of madness, etc.

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