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+PASIVA: Activa (Suj.+verb+OD) Pasiv (OD+verb pasiv+by) 

/Cause-are caused/ is cleaning-is being cleaned/ wrote-was written/was ironing-was been ironed/has opened-has been opened/had told- had been told/will recive-will be recived/ are going to make- are going to be made/ would expect-would be expected/ can solve- can be solved.
Ej. The director wrote the letter- The letter was written by the director.
-2 PASIVAS: 1ºSuj(CD)+verb+to+CI+by+person 
Ej. Jhon is going to buy his sister a new laptop -His sister is going to buy to a new laptop by Jhon- A new laptop is going to buy his sister by Jhon.
+HAVE STH DONE: Suj+have/get+ sust+part
Ej. Her room is being painted at the moment- She is having her room painted at the moment. 
Someone stole his bike while he was in the bank -He had his bike stolen while..
+IMPERSONAL: IT+verb pasiv+(that)+or 
Suj. It is believed(se cree)/It is reparted(se afirma)/It is said(se dice)/It is thought(se piensa)/It is supposed(se supone)/It is considered(se considera)/It is expeoted (se espera).
Ej. People say he earns a lot of money- It said he earns a lot of money
+I WICH/IF ONLY: (Ojalá)
-Past Simple_DESEO: I wish I had more money (No siempre had)
-Past Perfect_LAMENTO: Iwish I had studied more.
-Would+iINF_ QUEJA: I wish she wouldn´t eat so fast.
Ej. Past Simpl: It is a pity that I don´t speak English (Deseo) -I wish I spoken English

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