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2grain of truth

3wall of silence

4strip of land

5ray of hope

6crumbs of comfort

7torrent of criticism

8pinch of salt

9lapse of time

2.61 many athletes competing in..Set personal bests in track..

2the 2 box walked .., where so many...Had taken place bfr

3one of the reasons why no action wast taken against was that

4a gymnast that sports fans way have heard of before has been..

5against all odds, an american.. Whose coach had walked out in., made the..

the time is long past when professional.. Used to earn

7.1 won 11 Grand.. after which he retired from 

2a dinner.Was held after.. Which all former .. were invited to.

3the.. Footbabber Bale, for whom Madrid , is renowed


5a change ofer is a pause.. during which the players...

6The tickets, like.., are expensive.Not change, It's sth which fans

have to put up with

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