Convince someone sth

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INF: agree, appear, can afford, choose, decide expect, fail, hesitate, hope, intend, learn, manage, offer, plan, prepare, pretend, promise, refuse, seem, threaten, want, wish, remember(not forget), forget(not remember), try(make an effort), stop(un rato), go on(continue with a different activity), regret(lamentarse presente), mean(intencionado)

ING: avoid, be worth, delay, dislike, enjoy, fancy, feel like, finish, involve, keep, mention, mind, miss, postpone, practise, propose, risk, remember(memory past), forget(not remember the past), try(experiment), stop(forever), go on(continue with a the same activity), regret(lamentarse del pasado), mean(consist)

saySTH (TO SB) /// tellSB (STH)

passivw: subject + to be + past participle

causative: subject + have/get + obj + past part.

reported speech: he said that… (last week:the week before)(not to do)

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