Convince someone sth

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be certain about, of
change into (transform), to (from...To)
choose between
coincide with
collaborate in (sth), with (sb)
comment on
commit to
communicate with
compare with
compensate for
complain to (sb), about (sth)
compliment on
be composed of
concentrate on
be concerned about (worry), in (take part), with (responsibility)
condemn for (crime), to (punishment)
confess to
be confident about
congratulate on
be conscious of
consent to
consist of
be content with
contrast with
contribute to
be convinent for, to
convince of
cope with
count on
be critical of
be cruel of
deal in (goods), with (sth, sb)
decide about, on
dedicate to
depend on
derive from
detach from
deter from
develop into
die from (as a result of) of (illness)
be different from
discourage from

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