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abandon to

abstain from
accede to
account for
accuse of
be accostumed to
act on
adapt to
add to
be addicted to
be afraid of
agree about (sth), to (action), with (sb)
aim at
be amazed at by
amount to
be amused at by
be angry at (sth) with (sb)
be annoyed at (sth) with (sb)
be anxious about
apologise for (sth) to (sb)
appeal for (help) to (sb)
apply to (sb) for (job)
argue about (sth) with (sb)
arrest for
be ashamed of
ask about (information) for (sb; help)
assure of
be Astonished at by
be Attached to
attend to
be aware of
beg for (sth)
believe in 
belong to
benefit from
blame for
borrow from
boast about
be Capable of
care About (worry) for (dislike)
take care of (look after)

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