Convince someone sth

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T0 (sth always true) IF+PRESNT. S.+,+PRESENT S.

T1 (real and possible situations) IF+ PRESENT S, +,+ WILL+ B.F.
T2 (unreal or impossible things) IF+PAST S+,+Would/Could/Might+BF
T3 (didn´t happend past) IF+ PAST PERFC,+,+W/C/M+HAVE +PAST PARTIC
Big difference(much/for+comp) small difference(a bit/a little/no+comp) surprise(even + comp)   
gradual changes(comp+and+comp - the+comp+sentence+the+comp+sentence) "AS...AS" (Just-almost/nearly-nothing like/nowhere near)
I wonder/I´d like to know/can-could you tell me/would you mind telling me/can I ask you/have you any idea/do you know

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