coordination and response

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reflex arc path: doesnt involve thinking. Automatic response
stimulus:change in environment
receptor: skin/light receptors in retina
sensory n: sense organs -> cns(palitos-axon-cell body-dendrite)
relay n: solo un cell body
motor n: cell body - axon (con myelin sheath, transmission of impulse + effective)
effector: muscles/glands
response: action in response to the stimulus

pre synaptic neurone
axon --> nerve impulse - vesicles containing NT -> synaptic cleff-> NT receptors --> nerve impulse a la dendrite de la post synaptic neuron
heroin (morphin) binds to the receptor so they cant receive NT as they are occupied by heroin and thus no pain is felt -> euphoria -> abstinence

nerve impulse= wave of depolarization
0- threshold of excitation. 1-Na+ channels opens and Na enters the cell
2- K+ channels open and K leaves the cell. 3-Na+ stops entering TOPE
4- K+ leaves cell. 5- channel closes

Nerve Impulse/ By Blood
Local effect/abroad

tip removed: wont grow, place where auxin is produced is removed
tip covered: lots of auxin made - grows very tall
normal: se bendea al sol porque lado oscuro mas auxin
coso que gira: para arriba

rods en la retina, detects grises
cones en la fovea, detects colors
pupil reflex:

Bright light – circular muscles contracted, radial muscles relaxed, pupil small

Dim light – circular muscles relaxed, radial muscles contracted, pupil large

far away objects: ciliary muscles relax giving them a larger diameter-> pulls on suspensory ligaments-> pulls on lens-> makes lense thinner (less convex) For close objects es lo opuesto

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