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The Corpus Juris Civilis. Tribonian did: 1 .- A codex Leg. q contained the imperial rescript c ° imperial 2 .- Work of Roman jurisprudence, 3 .- Manual with didactic purpose. 1 .- THE CODEX JUSTINIANO Augusti. rescripts should contain, c ° imperial general laws contained in the codes greg., Herm . and Theod .. posteodosianas laws until the Justi .. Enters into force in 533 with the c ° Sum Publicae.primera Rei edition: codex vetus.segunda534: Maintains law and citations of Theodosius Limitações ° to case law, so he made a second with all the lawyers and more c ° Justinian.: Codex Repetitae Praelectionis.Su content prohibited the use of codes and constitutions that contradicted earlier. 2.-Digest: Enters into force on the C ° Tanta in 533.elaborado x COMMISSION FOR ° of lawyers led by Tribonian to Justiniano.50 request books tít.yfrag.Los divided into 4 first book, called Prota, talk about the sources of derecho.Del 5 to 11 on juicios.Del on d 12 to 19 ° patrimonial.Del 20 to 27 on different materias.Del 28 to 36 on different materias.Del 37 to 44 testamentis.Del 45-50 Libri terribili.signif.palabras and rules of D °3 .- INSTITUTIONS. I enter 533 in force under the c ° Imperatoria maiestate. Follow the institution. Gaius, Divided into four libros.Estr: people, things and actions. 4.-LAS private NOVELAS.coleciones the new laws. Iuliani Julian was the epitome Collectio Graecae (168 novels). 1000: Greek and Latin 134 C ° imperial = Lex

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