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1.Johanna Palmer has invited George Cody...

-to talk about Prof. Hoover’s discovery.

-He thinks there is no evidence of it yet.

-The bacteria found in meteorites prove that there is Life on Mars.

-He believes the meteorites may have been contaminated On Earth.

-they want other people to know about their findings.

-most of the media talked about the discovery widely.

-It hardly ever happens that scientific discoveries go Wrong.

- George Cody will provide correct structures.

1. In the conversation we hear that Anthony Marra looks young...

-although He has quite a lot of gray hair.

-is Based both on research and fiction.

-It Would have no literary interest

-became An amateur geologist.

-He Remembers his father’s words as encouragement

-It came After watching the Boston Marathon bombings.

-To be Able to capture the character’s feelings.

-of the Humanity inhis characters.

1. What problem does Mr. Red Corn have with Curtis’s pictures?

-They Give people the impression that Indians never smile.

-Because Having your picture taken was a serious thing.

-He simply Told them he was doing a video about smiling Indians.

-everywhere All the time.

-many of Them live in very tough conditions.

-there Were so many people laughing.

-heard Gunshots across the street.

-With a Message that spoke to the heart of the video

1. When did Mr. Johnston decide to run for Norwich mayor?

-Three Years ago.

-He was A Member of Parliament

-From The 11th century till the Industrial Revolution.

-used to Be a palace for the Norman kings.

-Romanesque And has a tall spire

-Two Days

-There Were video projections, shows and bands in the city center.

-Flags In lampposts.

1. Mary thinks that many people become Vegetarian because they...

-are Impressed by images in the media.

-eating Fish.

-than They used to be.

-There Should be more investment in farms

- Factory farming methods are bad.

-stop Eating meat.

-at what They want.

- Eighty-seven per cent of the population are not vegetarians.

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