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¡Escribe tu texto aquí!1-EX - complete with correct to/ing (ej : do you think it's worth)

1.- worth...:  working    2 .- have fun: teaching   3.- no trouble: to travel
4.-it's impossible: to have  5.-for people: to eat     6..-for me: cooking
7.-enables you:to save  8.-money and: to avoid

2-EX - "Verbs on the box" (get on with...)
1.- businesses can : get down  2.-you won't: get anywhere
3.- josephine has : get on with     4.-hard to: get to the top
5.-wants to: get off the ground     6.-that movie, it: gets me down

3-EX - adverb and adjective
1.- shaking hand is: widely accepted   2.- attendant was: perfectly sure
3.-mancha is a/an: good written    4.- u're seying is: virtually possible

4-EX - passive form 
1.- nutrients : are used  2.- carbs : are depleted3.- nutriens: are broken down
4.-components : to be used 5.-process: is known 6.- because they: are digested    7.-energy: could cause   8.-hand: should limit

5- EX -correct pharasal verbs
(1)1.-  jane : i never : go over   2.- we need to: looks foward to (2)3.- why we: put it off
4.-(3) i cant even: have  friends over  5.- we don't: wake her up
6.- (4)we have to : come up with

1.- learn portuguese: easier 2.- gabrielle dresses: elegant /elegantly
3.- in fact, she is: the worst

7- Ex  - Interview dialogue (tell me about ypur self)
1.- told him... - to tell about himself
2.-he said -  that he was a software ennginer with 4years of experience in sales
3.-added that: loved to face challenges
4.- asked him : to briefly explain the prpyect in your previious job
5.-hesaid that- the proyect regarding an international retail chain
6.-...Finally asked him: how does he think he fits in their organization

8-EX - "what do you think makes a person succesfulll"
all - none - of - all - neither - all of - none - of - no(?) - neither

9- EX - "Your trip to the amazon souds really..."
fascinating - amazing- terrified - frigething- scared - depressing

10- EX - "it was a big classroom"
1..Big classroom: where are took the cause
2...Paris in april:when there aren't many people
3...Great writer: whose book are best sellers

12- EX - "Carl bought fer fianceé" (object dirfect - s + v + what or who = od)
1.- carl bought on engagement ring rif his fianceé
2.- my parents gave a tablet to me for my birthday
3.-paul will write a love letter to susan? (will paul...)

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