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3.) Had rained, he had broken his leg, would be Cold that night, everybody had to take the exam, she was angry with Tom. 4.) 2.The little child said that he wanted That toy for his birthday 3.Our parents said that we had to be home by 11 o’clock 4.The old woman said that she had seen a man took her purse 5.My mum said that She couldn’t spend any more money that week 6.Mary’s boyfriend told her that She was writing a poem. 5.) 1.Whe Said that we would leave the following day 2.I announced that I had invited Friends for lunch that day 3.Dad explained that he had given Mr Jones an answer For lunch that day 4.Pam said to Greg that they wanted to go aboard the Following summer 5.Janet exclaimed that her mother did the shopping every day In that supermarket. 

6) Was having a valentine’s, the following. Couldn’t go, was going out. Hadn’t Told, had met, a week ago, had to go, could bring. Had made, had bought, that Morning.

CORRECT)1. She admitted that she had copied the handwork 2.He said that he couldn’t go any further 3.Mrs flood said that she would visit Her grandchildren 4.She explained that she had cleaned her room the following Day 5.They said that they had seen that film 6.Lisa told that she had been Tired.

7) The doctor asked Mr smith if he exercised a lot. The tourist asked me If there had been a lot of crime in that city. The lawyers wondered me how many Suspects did they arrest. Ian wanted to know me if I watched the new reality TV Programme the day before. The man enquired where could He find tickets to the Show.

8)She ordered him to be quiet. He told me to turn off the lights. My Mother told me to buy new clothes. Maite told me not to come into her garden. Irune told me not to shouth. My sister told me to come home right now.

9)it, his, he and us, theirs, it-our, it-hers. 10)her,me,I,We,us,her,mine,them,they,my,hers,mine,I,him,them,ourselves. 

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