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-Our posture is the way we holdour body in relation to the space around us.- Exercise, diet, postural habits and physical condition all influence the developmente of good posture. Our posture is correct when the central axis of our body and our centre of gravity are in balance, without straining the curve of your spine.-The postures we adopt throughout the day not only influence the health of your habitual posture, but they also express what we are thinking and feeling about a situation or problem.THE DINAMIC AXIS OF THE BODY. -Avoid holding the same position for too long.-make sure our back is in a position that allows for movement and good circulation of the blood and that will avoid muscle conditions.-Learn to raise and lower our body with a straight back and distributing our weight on both legs.-Learn to carry heavy objects in a way that does no put expensive stain on our back or make us adopt an unbalanced posture.-Learn to choose a seat so that we can sit confortably with our back both supported and relaxed.-Learn to sleep on our side or on our back, and avoid sleeping on our front because of the presure this puts on our back.-Learnt to walk correctly with a baanced posture to avoid muscular tension in our back.TAKING CARE OF YOUR POSTURE WHEN YOU WALK.-Wal with you head up, but without tension in you neck or the base of your skull relax your shoulders and neck.-Look forward.-Try to control your stomach so that it does not stick out.-Control the movement of your arms: move them in time with your legs amd do not put your hands in your pockects.-Walk with rhythmic, reguar steps.-When carrying something heavy, try to balance it and if possible, carry it on your back.

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