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Every Season, the great fashion houses of Europe present their new Collection in the hope of persuading people to renew their wardrobes By purchasing the latest designs. In my opinion, one does not have to Be a slave to fashion in order to look smart.

To start With, following the latest trends in fashion can be extremely Expensive. This is especially true for those who buy costly designer Clothing.

In Addition to this, followers of fashion often give up their Individuality for the sake of fashion. They choose clothes that suit Neither their figures nor their personalities. This is unfortunate, As the way we dress should reflect who we really are.

On the Other hand, some people argue that it is necessary to dress Fashionably in order to create the correct image for their careers. This is particularly true of those who work with the public, as they Reflect the image of their company, but this does not mean that the Latest fashions are the most appropriate, however.

To Conclude, I strongly believe that it is advisable to dress with style By choosing good quality clothes which suit you as an individual and Have lasting elegance. So instead of changing your wardrobe Constantly isn’t it better to build up a collection of clothes Which you can always wear?

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