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apologize letter

mr pedro gonzalez

03690 san vicente del raspeig


25 january 2018

Dear Mr Gonzalez:

we were very sorry to hear that you to hear that you were un happy with the Hotel Melia. As you know we always tryto make oug guest feel at home and provide them the best service.

We have spoken to the staff involved and it seens that we were fully boocked at the time you stayed . Unfortunately, we also hear that you had problems with the schedull of times of the bus wich brought you to the airport. We also take note of the fact that we have to improve our facilities.

Please find enclosed our new brochure with the correct times for the suttle bus to the airport.

To compense you we would like to offer you a double room for are right no charge. Once again, we apologize for any invonveniencie and hope you will stay at the hotel Melia in the future.

yours sincerely

marina garcia

manager melia hotel


fam trip  Fam trips are courtesy trips that are offered to tour operators or travel agencies so that they can experience a first-person tourist destination.The objective of these trips is to achieve a better knowledge of the product and a closer relationship, improving future marketing.
There are two classifications of familiarization trips:
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