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nowadays, all people in the world use the internet for anything, but internet has both positive and negative aspects.

on the one hand, Internet has several advantages.One advantage is that you can find anything you need in one click.Another advantageof using Internet is you can communicate with people around the world. For example if you live in Valencia and but your friend lives in London, using an application such us skipe,facetime,oovoo... You can talk with this person, lastly, you can search information for the school or enter in every social netwoork such us Facebook, instagram, YouTube...

on the other hand, internet has some disavantages. Firstly, the information you can search can be wrong. Secondly, if you don´t know some people on the internet and you talk with this person, it is posible that it isn´t the correct way.Finaly, the internet costs money and some people can pay it.

in conclusión, i would agree that internet has some negative aspects. However, in my opinión, it has more advantages tan disavantages because internet can make our lives eassier.

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