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-Tecnica CARRERA: There are many that we could use, to be able To run in the most effective way possible. First light cardio to increase your Resting pulse. The first exercise is to skip first, standing on your knees, Tyring to be your knees to your chest, no more to 10 meters. Another could be Take the heels of the foot to the ass in the same way as in the previous Exercise, first static and then in run.

With the Help of the cones, A short zig-zag that will end with a small exit to a cone That will be located five meters ahead. And we return to the line doing a Lateral race or race back.

Another Exercise, Russian skipping in such a way that with the legs fully extended.

Coordination With the help of ladder coordination, differents exercises as skipping in each Space, jumps with one leg, go in and go out…

Squats  and bodyweight lunges (10-20) that will Engage your quads and glutes.

Mountain Climbers for work  legs and torso.

On a wall And with support of the hands, do a skipping,.

Jumps on Stairs o steps, with strong support of the both feet.

-SWIMMING: Static warming out of the water, that will not Occupy us more than 20 minutes. Then will enter the water and we will perform Between 200 and 500 meters freestyle to progressive warm-up. Main part of the Session we will do exercises to improve the crol techinique. 1= Body position . 2x25, each 6 kicks take out the head, arms in arrow. Rest 5”.

2x25, 5 “. 3 Cycles of normal stroke + 3 cycles of stroke with head outside and without action Of legs.

3x30 Vertical shoes with arms in arrow position, rest 30”.

2x25, use Palms on the hands in such a way that we will improve the entrance to the Water, a variant it could be putting a pull-body between legs, to do the task More difficult.

2x25 with kick with fins and with the arm fully extended, in arrow position.

2x25 one Hand in arrow other parallel to the body.

2x25 Torpedo position, do a good kick.

2x25 with The board and doing correct technique of kick.

Always Bilateral breathing.

2x25 3 Strokes with one arm and 3 strokes with other arm.

2x25 swim Crawl with head out, lifeguard swim.

2x25 with Good technique in the underwater swim and practicing turning

To finish The classs and return to calm, we could practice some games,like relay race, Exercises Of orientation and in a group practicing massive start.


BACKSTROKE: Breathing is easier than others, horizontal position, look at the ceiling. Alternative kick. Starti with hip mov, relax ankle, knees don’t go outside the Water. Important shoulder movement and hand entry.

Butterfly: Evolution of breastroke. Frontal breathing, undalatory positicion, simultaneous Movement. Arms entry in the water with the first kick and come out with the Second kick.

Breastroke: It is forbidden to take arms out of the water. It is forbidden for the arms to Exceed the hips(only in the first stroke). Simultaneos style, extension-flexion Position. 2 styles o ways, wave style and undalatory style. Frontal breathing. Coordination 1 stroke=1 kick(flexion-extension).

HYDRODINAMICA: Water is 20 times more dense than water, we need more energy to move inside. There aren’t a idela style. Dos objetives: speed of displacement is the most Important and for that we need to apply propulsive forces intime and reduce Resistive forces.

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