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ing*TALKING ABOUTL POSIIBLILITY / THE FUTURE1.Likely to 2.bound to 3. About to 4.Unlikely To 5. About to .

*Rewrite The sentences using../1. He will be likely to >come /He is likely to.2.This Project will be bound tobe>/ This project bound to.3.I was about to Switch.4.The will be unlikely to a gree with our plan is not high/They are Unlikely to .5.Your children aren´t likely to recycle in the future../Your Children are inlikely to recycle…

*CIRCLE THE OPTION:1.won´t need to 2.Ought to 3.Must 4.Shouldn´t 5.musn´t 6. Should 7.Don’t´t have to 8.Should.

*COMPLETE THE SENTENCES WITH…1. Should have separated.2.Can´t have arrived 3.Must have Been .4.Could have failed .5.Might have won.

*CHOOSE THE CORRECT …1.Must.2.Should.3.Don´t have to .4.Musn´t.5.Shouldn´t.

*PUT THE VERB INTO THE CORRECT TENSE…1.Be taught.2. Is moking.3.Were sent.4.Paid.5.Had Been asked.6.Wasn´t brought.

*COMPLETE THE SENTENCE WITH.1. shoud have separated.2.Can´t have arrived.3.Must have Been.4.Could have failed.5.Might have won.



*PASSIVE:VERB WITH TWO OBJECTS:1.I was taught French by Mr Burton.2.It been left to us for 3. A free mobile phone is being offered to everyone.4.Lost of emails are going to Be sent to us about this ad.5. Nobody has been shown the ad yet.6.The right Product needs to be given to the customer.7.All own customers have to be Written a letter.8.A picture of the new car should be show us.9.For attending The course was given a certificate to them .10.All of their costomers were sent Cards.

*CORRECT THE INDERLINED VERBS.1.Wouldn´t have had.2.Would he have played had Practiced.3.Will gave.4.Would come.5.Would be have been.6.Would not have Become/ had not been.7.Would not have celieved/had not seen.

*PUT THE VERB INTO CORRECT TENSE.1.Hadn´t pratised.2.Had walked.3.Had had.4.Would not Have been.5.Would not have gone.6.Would he have managed.*CAUSATIVE PASSIVE:1.Had/got---painted.2.Are having—renewed.3.Shoud have---designed.4.Is Going to---checked.5.Did—have—designed.6.Have had---repaired.

CUATRO-TRES.*ADJETIVES WITH ING AND ED.1.Annoying2.Intrigued.3motived.4.Sttining.5.Embarrasing.


*JOIN THE SENTENCES BY USING NO-DENINING RELATIVE.1.The story ,which is intriguing ,,is Not true/the story which is not true , is intriguing.2.This man who is a famous Medium is very rich.3. 1948.Which was a very cold year, she was born.4.The Ghost whose we never knew dame name, appeared  Fice times.5. York,where we went there last year, is a very old Town.6.Max,who is my brother,can read poins .*ADJETIVE PRONOUNS.1Who.2.That.3.Where.4.Whose.5.Why.6.When.

*WORD ORDER:PREPOSITION.1.=.2. Loking at .3.Putting on .4 lokking for.5. Running Dow.6.put up whit .

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