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Verbs with negative Connotations/Defile decry abet debase denounce botch cringe connive begrudge Depredate cloy abase bemoan bristle cower adduce deplore assail (captivate Adduce debunk)//Directly associated with religion/Apostasy canon cherub cloister benediction advent Denomination deity (aboriginal bivouac)//Associated With legal terminology likely to be heard in a court of law/Arrears abet sanction opposition affidavit arraign Decree acquit ratify advocate bona fide delinquent (mosaic apparition congeal)//Associated With wealth, greed, or any kind of Material possessions /Booty glutton amass accouterments appraise bauble accure Deficit prosperous capital acquisitive contraband (antipodal crevice Corrugated)//He replied With a(n) ~~ comment/Apropos degrading brusque trivial harsh apt contemptuous Callous cavalier cordial articulate demure crass apposite zany vague wary bland (commodious rotund)If the court expunges your criminal record, will There be a permanent evidence of your past misdeeds readily available to the Public? (no)Would it be considered an impressive thing for a Student to be involved in a conspicuous contretemps directly in front of the High school principal? (no)Is it a good idea to study your word smart words in A cursory manner? (no)If a student insisited she could master vocabulary By memorizing only synonyms, without studying context or example sentences, Would Ms. Seuk look askance at her? (yes)If Uncle Johnny can't get up from the sofa becuase he just drank four bottles of Soju and a six-pack of beer all by himself, would it be correct to say he's Drunken in stupor? (yes)Does the idiom "to ruffle someone's Feathers" meand to irritate someone? (yes)Are Raucous sounds generally considered to be harmonious to the ear? (no)Is it A good idea to prevaricate when it comes to your college applications and Interviews? (no)If a dessert-or a dream-is described to be Cloyingly sweet, is that generally considered to be a negative thing? (yes)Do Demure people have the tendency to swagger and strut? (no)Anathema To/conversant with/deem sth adj/to be adj/in abeyance/in concert with/consign Sth to someone/sth/deign to/champion (a cause)/under the auspices of//

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