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1.Distribution 2.Floor occupation ratio 3.Music: -Tempo(fast,moderate)  -Walk speed(faster,slower)  -In-store time(less) -pleasure (less). 4.Lighting (natural,artificial,mixed) 5.materials floors,roof,wall,floor and rood. 5.Colour/furniture 

1.Tools-Signal.-Architecture.-Internal com.-Advertising.-Editorial com.-Institutional info.-Product Design-Sponsors.-Comercial com.-Merchandiding.-Direct mkt.-Packaging.-PR.

1.Most representative events- Fairs, congresses and exhibitions. *- Conventions, scientific conferences…- Motivation days, incentive trips…- General meetings with shareholders.- Internal events, open doors, celebration meals and dinners.- Institutional actions, awards deliveries… *- Breakfast and press trips.*- Streets marketing, flash - mob…*
2.Event action diagram: 
-who guest: target, suppliers, consumers, media, employees 
-how: program (hours and actions) -brief: idea, goals philosophy 
-when: why these dates
-How many and much: budget (security, transport,media to rent, personal involved) 
-Goals and results: look if you are in the media. 
3.DocumentationBrief (sponsorship) ,Proposed suppliers. ,Budget. ,Event program.

,List with every person involved in the organization and its responsibilities. ,Guest list.

,Communication material used.

4.Press release parts: Logo, Highlight “press call”, Precise headline: clear with who is calling and why. ,Date and place. ,Little brief (info about the event, duration, who will be there…),Proposals (for interviewing opportunities and information options) ,Contact details: (confirmation and accreditation).

5.Usual mistakes: Think that it´s a common press release (it has different information).

,Not to create interest. ,Give too much information.  , Not to send it sufficiently in advance.

, Not to select the correct journalist and media. ,Not to make remembers.


1.Reasons to take care of the employee: + Costumers orienations and service performance.+ Employee satisfaction and more motivation.+Employee behavior towards organizational goals.+ Organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

+ Employee engagement.

2.Internal communication main goals: - (1) Throw a unique message across the company: corporate identity values (culture).- (2)Greater and better communication: what happens if some employee receive some info about the company by media? (info unknown)- (3) Motivation, credibility and trust (good envioment for example)- (4) Encourage teamwork and interpersonal relationships: to create this good environment.- (5) Recognition of well done work: rewards of well done work.- (6) Reinforced values and behavior.- (7) Maintain business coherence.

3.Types of internal communication

-Descending communication tools:+ Internal events.+ Noticeboard.+ Internal publications.+ Intranet.+ Mailing, letters…+ Welcome aboard…

-Ascending communication tools:+ Participation in internal publication.+ Suggestions mailbox.+ Environment surveys.+ Quality circles (meetings).+ Intranet.

-Horizontal communication tools:+ Meetings.+ Letters.+ Mailing.+ Internal social networks.

4.Internal communication publication: it can be written-offline, online and video

-(1) lastest news -(2)latest (product) releases and external events. -(4)Press clippings (think about your last event)  -(4)Interview to people inside or outside the company. -(5)matters related to training -(6)articles and curiosities of the sector (did you know) 

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