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*(correct Conditional)She would have called for help/ if I see Julie tomorrow, I will Give/ people usually don’t enjoy/ if you had a good/ finds a summer job/ if you Had left//*(rodear 1/3 apartados) you should/ Jennifer could/ I have to/ people Mustn`t/dinner may/we  might//*(caja 6 palab) dislikes eating/ without practicing/ hard to remember/ decided to go/ Stopped to buy/ remember ridding//*(correct form)she has left/ sue was Fryng/legs will get/ computer has broken/ we are having/ he has been talking//*(rodear 1/3 texto) dancers have been learning/ dance have become/ dancers don’t want/ Want to work/ dancers should/ she will succeed//*(caja 6 palab modals)people Mustn’t/ may I leave/ you don’t have to/ we might/ that can`t/ you shouldn’t //*(correct form)you will get/ need to include/ people, staying/ I would have Felt/ cats are/they see//* (caja 6 palab)he has left/ sue was running/ legs Would get/ coputer has broken/ we are going to have/ he has been talking//*(formar Frases)lauren was washing her hair when the phone ring

*(caja 10 Palab)her to lose/ her to exercise/ enjoys swimming/ time to working/ suggested Setting/ easy to do/ avoid buying/ offered to show/ meals changing/ by Making//* (correct form 8)he loved/ you had cooked/ edward has stopped/ restaurant Doesn’t open/ I am going to meet/ long have you been talking/remember to take/ Had you taste//*(caja 6 palab) Seinfeld has been trying/ she published/ for Making/ they don’t get/ suggests hiding/ they see//* (completer la segunda frase) he must be/you feel like/supermarket to bay bread/ we maight not/ when They exercise/ cake is tasted than//*(caja 6 palab gerund form)by eating/ like Swimming/ enjoys helping/ dislikes watching/ drinking alcohol//*(caja 5 infinitive Form)her to lose/ her to exercise/ promised to start/ needs to eat/ easy to Change//*(competar la frase cn gerund or infinitive)decided to learn/ suggested Talking/ like having/ need to order/ chosen to go/ wants to open/ finished Washing/ mind helping/ at baking/ promised to teach//*(rodear 1/3 5frases)stand Waiting/ you add/ working hard/ he must/ we haven’t eaten//*(correct form 5 Frases)alan has wanted/ you had talking/ restaurant doesn’t open/ I am going to Meet/ had you tasted 

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