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5. The other, otherwise, obviously, besides, incidentally, matter, after all, at least, as far as
6 must, can't, can't, couldn't , sure to, unlikely, will definitely, probably
1. Not until years later did i understand the situation
2. Never had we seen so much snow in barcelona
3. Not only was the house very dirty, but it was also cold
4. Only when we received his letter did we understand why had he left london
5.Hardly had we gone to bed when the thunderstorm bike out
6 no sooner had we finished the test than the fire alarm went off
8. Rarely have i found two people so alike
correct, INc-according to, correct, correct, inc- there are though to be 

getting, gets worse, get used, got caught, to get, to give,
give, have  bring, arrive, receive

implausible, spoilers, entertaining, moving, heavy-going, thought-proucking, haunting

6. Giggle, slam, tick, whisper, hoot, sniff
7. Scream, stammer, hum, slurp
3. Whole, together, off, stick, around, out, on, away with
4. Sniper, rebellious, treaty, refugees, casualty, ceasefire
5. Machine gun, spears, blew up, looted, in of, of

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