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?QRA- What is the name of ur stn?/the name of my stsn..

?QRH- Does my friquency vary?/ur friequcy varies

?QRG- Will you tell me my exact friq./ur exact friq. Is...Kc/s

?QRO- Shall i increase power?/increase power

?QRK- What is the reability of my signals?/1)unreadable 2)readable now and then 3)reable but defaculty 4)readable 5)perfectly readble

?QRQ- Shall i sent faster?/Send faster...Words per min.

?QRM- Are you being interfered with?/i am being interfered with strenth 1)scarcely perceptibal 2)weak 3)firly strong 4)strong 5)very strong

?QRS- Shall i send more slowly?/ send more slowly

?QRT- Shall i stop sending?/stop sending

?QRU- have you anything for me?/i have nothing for u

?QRV- are you ready?/i am ready

?QRX- When will u call me again?/i will call u again at..Hr

?QRY- What is my turn?/u turn is no..(or according to any other indication)

?QRZ- Who is calling me?/ur being called by..

?QSA- What is the strengh of my signal?The strengh of ur signals is 1)scarcely perceptible 2)weak 3)fairly good 4)good 5)vry good

?QSD- is my keying defective?/ur keying is defetive

?QSB- are my signals fading?Ur signals are fading

?QSN- Did u hear me on (call sign..)/ i did hear u(call sign

?QSL- Can u aknloge recept?/ i acnolaging recept.

?QSO- can u communicate with --direct or by realy?/i can communicate with direct(or by reay through..)

?QSZ- Shall i send each word or group more than once?/send each word or group twice

?QTA- Shall i cancel msg no. .. As if it had not been send?/cancel msg no. .. As if it had not been send

?QTC- how many msgs have u to send?/i have msgs for u

?QTR- What is the correct time?/the correct time is..Hr

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