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extremely attractive and Beautiful: stunning/quiet and calm: peaceful/associated with the Countryside, not the city:rural/used to describe something that is both Old and important in some way: historic/unchanged and at the same time Still beautiful and enjoyable:unspoilt/used to describe a place or a Scene that is visually pretty and attractive: picturesque/very Impressive: spectacular used to describe a person or a place that is Attractive and pleasant: charming/relating to towns and cities:urban/used To describe a place that is fashionable and lively:happening

Bring about:provocar,find out:averiguar/look Up:consultar/make up:inventar excusa/putforward:proponer alo/

Clean up/run cut of:acabarse/cut down:reducir/give off/throw Away/ 

Standed:unable to leave 2 place/delayed have wait../monsoon:the Wet season…

Out of tune:bad musical/sing in tune:correct musical.. /criticize/cheating// Perform:actuar/reléase:publicar álbum// bland:no interés/challengin:pensar/soothing:calm/ High-pitched:agudo/piercing/catchy: pegadizo/ear-splitting:ensordecedor/deafening/

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