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·In China, Dell had to find a meaningful interpretation of direct orders.

·In High-context cultures, time is: polychronic.

·In The 1990s, Philips Electronics developed a new consumer compatibility

·Insisting On competitive bidding can cause low-context cultures

·Lawyers Are more important in:low-context cultures.

·Linguists Have divided the study of languages:morphology.

·Long-term Values include all of the following except:dynamism.

·One Of the basic elements of sociologist Everett Roger's Diffusion theory:awareness.

·Procter & Gamble's introduction self-reference criterion

·Suppose You have a friend from India who is a lifelong vegetarianism" represents a Value, "dislike McDonald's" represents an attitude

·That Floppy disks are being dumped relative advantage

·The ________ the level of environmental greater; greater

·The Cultural environment of a country is best attitudes, beliefs, and values

·The Lesson that SRC unbiased perception is a vital and critical skill In global marketing.

·The Power distance dimension reflects the degree of trust lower is the level Of trust.

·The Use of this color dates back millennia. Blue

·The Walt Disney Company's decision: Disney executives were blinded By their prior success and ethnocentrism.

·There Is nothing inherently "good" Red color is highly preferred in Some African countries.

·To Speed adoption of a new product ensure that features and Benefits can be communicated or demonstrated.

·Together, Innovators and early adopters.16.0%

·Two Countries that score high in uncertainty avoidance are: Greece and Portugal.

·Venice Is threatened by modern TRUE Venice is unique Among TRUE

·Westerners Doing business in the Middle East TRUE When marketers refer TRUE

·When The Coca-Cola Company was developing phonology

·When Walt Disney Company's executives were planning to build a theme park in France a geocentric management orientation.

·Which Is not considered as a long-term value? search for truth

·Which Of the following best sums up? They fell victim to the Self-reference criterion.

·Which Of the following can negatively influence high complexity

·Which Of the following is arranged starting with the food→computers→integrated Circuits

·Which Of the following is true about "coffee culture" American Entrepreneurs found success in England with the Seattle Coffee Company which Starbucks later acquired.

·Which Of the following is true about the innovation All of the above Are true.

·Which Of the following shows the correct order awareness-interest-evaluation-trial-adoption

·While Some food preferences remain deeply embedded the growing number Of McDonald's restaurants globally.

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