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Opinion Eassy

Writng plan

Paragraph 1: Introduction

2: Main argument to support your point of view. Two arguments maximum.

3: Secondary argument to support your point of view. Two arguments maximum.

4: Conclusion

In my opinion: en mi opinion; although: aunque; but: pero; I thik that: yo pienso que…: I consider that: yo considero que…; I am of the opinion: yo soy de la opinion de que…; to my way of thinking: a mi modo de pensar; while:mientras; whereas:mientras

Some people consider that streaming is discriminatory and unfair, while others consider that it`s the best solution for all students. I consider that it´s a good system, as I will try to explain.

First of all. It´s obviouys to any open-minded person that not all students have the same ability. Therefore, in my opinionit doesn´t make sense to put all students in the same class, althought I realize that it may not be politically correct to say this. Furthermore, if we put students who are har-working, motivated, well-behaved and more successful.

Some people consider that streaming creates `first-class` and ´second-class´. They claim that in a streaming system all the good students always study together, as do all the ´bad´students. However, in my view this is simply not true, despite the fact that it may appear to be a convincing argument.To give an example, i´m good at hamths and I am in the top set for that subject, whereas i`m useless at art and am in the bottom one for that.

To conclude, yo my way of thinking streaming is good for all students and has far far-reaching benefits. Streaming is not old-fashioned. It´s the path to the future.

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