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4. Write questions for the Underlined words. (mark:    /4)

1. Brian is Asking for his computer.

 What is Brian asking for?

2.  Thomas taught me top lay cards.

 Who taught me to play cards

3. I made a Big cake yesterday.

What did you make yesterday?

4. They’ve Lived in Liverpool for six months.

How long have you lived in liverpool?

5. Fill in the blanks with: much, Many, a lot (of), (a) littke, (a) few. (mark:  /2)

1. Don’t put Too much milk in my coffee, plase.

2. Have you Got much money? No, I’m afraid I’ve got very little .

3. We’re going To the beach for a few days days.

4. She was sad Because very few people came to her party.

5. Was the Sweater expensive? Oh, yes. It cost me a lot of money.

6. I haven’t Got much time to talk to you now.

7. How many chocolates are there in the box?

8. Is there Any sugar left in the bowl? Yes, there’s still a few.

8. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs in brackets ( mark:  /7)

1. Robert watches (wath) The news in English every day on TV and it helps (help) him with his English. He claims, if You star watching (watch) the news in Englis, it will help (help) you too.

2. Last night An accident ocurred (occur) near my house. A Young man was hitten (hit) By a car. He was ridying (ride) his bicycle when someone in front of Him suddenly opened (open) A car door. The accident was seen (see) by severeal witnesses.

3. Alan was (be) in a car accident yesterday. The Other driver lost (lose) control of his car because he fell (fall) asleep. If he had stopped(stop) to rest,

the Accident hadn´t ocurred (not occur).

-They have been living in rome since they were born

-I have finished painting mat room already

-Before you lear me room, please switch off the lights

-At what time are you normally getting up?

-They are thinking about going to australia for their holiday.

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