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ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF WIND ENERGY AND SOLAR ENERGY//Renewable energy is collected from renewable resources, which are naturally replenished on a human timescale, such as sunlight and wind.//The solar energy is obtained with solar panels and the wind energy with a wind parks. This kind of energy is non-contaminant and allows reduce the pollution.//Solar energy and wind energy are the most popular form of produce renewable energy because if you compare the benefits, are cheaper than others.//On the one hand:// Is easy to obtain the energy, because you can install solar panels in your house and reduce the consumption of common electrical energy and it allows reduce the pollution and bills.//In contrast:// The price of the installation is elevated. You need install the solar panels and the wind park in adequate place because needs lots of sunlight and wind to correct operation. In addition, you need install batteries for energy storage.//From my point of view, if the price of solar panels and the wind parks decreased and the governments gave financial help, the use of renewable energy would be increase.//Finally, renewable energy is the most efficient solution to preserve the environment, reduce the pollution and maybe in the future it will be the only one used.

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