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A.GRAMMAR 1. 1. Smart phones are usually bought by young people. 2. 

Washing machines were invented in the nineteenth century. 3. The modern Olympic Games have been held every four years since 1896. 4. Same insects will be seen less often in the future. 2. 1. Is being cleaned at the moment. 2 was designed by Stella Mc Carthey. 3. Was stolen at the weekend. 4. Will be finished tomorrow. 3 1. ´m getting;cut 2. Going to get; fixed 3. Get;cleaned 4 Were getting; decorated. 4. 1 correct 2. Are been are being 3. Had have 4. Invented was invented 
VOCABULARY. 1.1.  Observation 2. Test 3. Design 4 development2. 1. Misread 2. Anti-technology 3. Overcook 4 rewrite. 3. 1 child-friendly 2. Eye-catching     3. Pocket sized 4. Low-cost 4. 1 long-lasting 2 multi-talent 3 solar -powered 4 waterprof. 
READING. ´´The dangers of texting and walking´´ 1. ACB 2. 1 They get injured beacuse they bump into things while down at their phones. 2. The new app is designed to tell people when there is a danger in front of them. 3 It will show a red square an our phone screen. 4 At the moment, the device is still too big to fit into our phones. 3. 1. Any three of: fairly,square, aware,where. 2. 1 injury,danger,strange.

B GRAMMAR.1. 1. Is visited 2. Was won 3. Will be taken 4. Has been stolen.      2. 1. Are fewer houses being bought these days? 2. Richard´s camera was stolen yesterday. 3. Lots of machines were invented in the eighteenth century. 4. The electronic light bulb was invented by Thomas Edison.
 4The first washing machine was invented in the nineteenth century. Before then, clothes had always been washed by hand And this was very hard work. Nowadays, all The work is done by machines and the Technology is constantly being improved so that washing Machines use less water and electricity, and are therefore better for the Environment. 
VOCABULARY. 1. 1 Inspired 2 adapted 3 revolutionized 4 observation 
21multiethnic 2multi-storey 3rewrite 4anti-technology 3. 1child-friendly 2giant-sized 3waterproof 4eye-catching 4. 1disunderstood Misunderstood 2underspend Overspend 3(Correct) 4underactive Interactive
READING. 1. BAC 2. 1 V 2 F. Keen also organizes trips for things like swimming,ice and pony riding. 3 V 4. F. Keen is supported by donations from individuals, local organizations and businesses. 3. 1 sessions 2 achivements     3 meanwhile 4 proffesionals 5 provides 6 attend.

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