Where is covalnt bond in nitrogenous base found?

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1.The double helix of dna opens and the strands that form it separate it.

2.Free nucleotides attach themselves to the two separated dna strands. Each nucleotide links with a nitrogenous base that is complementary to its own
3.Attached nucleotides join together.
4.Two molecules identical to the original dna are obtained
1.The double helix of dan opens
2complementary nucleotidesareplacedinfrontofthestrands
3.Only one of the dna strand is copied
4.An mrna strand complementary to the dan one is created
5.The newly formed mrna molecule exits the nucleus of the cell
1.Mrna exits the nucleus with the copied dna info
2.Mrna places itself on top of the ribosomes
3.Trna carries aa to the ribosomes according to the genetic message found in trna
4.Ribosomes go over the mrna chain and join aa in the correctorderaccordingtothegeneticmessagefoundmrna
5.The finished protein separates itself from the ribosome

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