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Listen to 3 Tourism professionals:1. Sumalee, travel agente: Organized and Communicative.2. Sandra, fligh attendant:custormer-focused and Efficient.3.Dev, tour guide:energetic,enthusiastic and entertaining. Complete The job:1.A travel agent needs to have excellent customer service Skills. He or she also needs good sales skills to sell holiday and travel Products to cutomers. And,of course,good IT skills are essential to find Information and make bookings online.2. A flight attendant needs to be a Good communicator who can interact with people from other cultures and be a Good team worker.Basic first aid and medical skills are important.3.A Tour guide needs to have a passion for people.You need to be energetic because Your job is about helping people to have fun.Good organizational skills and lang. Are also important. Salaries and working:1.Travel agent:In The USA,travel agents on full-time between 24,000 and 38,000 a year before Tax.The slary depends on your experience,sales skills and the size and location Of the agency.She works in travel agency in San Francisco, her annual salary is 30.000,for 40hour week(Monday to Friday).The salary is low but she also get Travel benefits,discounts on holidays if she sells a package to a group.2.Flight Attendant:The working hours are very flexible.She often work weekends and Holidays.She usualli fly 70 hours a month and work another 40 hours on the Ground.Salary:3,200 month,38,000 a year.She can increase her pay by 3-8000 a Year by doing extra flights.Her family and she get big discounts on flights.3.Tour Guide:8per hour.23000anually.The pay is low but he travel to exotic locations For free.Sometimes she works 14-15 hours a day.Advantage:is that all his meals, Accomodation and transport are free.His customer usually give tips.(The last Tour, he made 250in tips in 5 days).Complete the descriptions:1. FOOD AND BEVERAGE MANAGER → plans and organizes the operations of a restaurant.2.FRONT OFFICE MANAGER→ responsible for the front desk.3.HOTEL RECEPTIONIST→ Makes reservations and checks guest.4. EXECUTIVE CHEF→ writes Menus,instructs cooks.5.EXECUTIVE HOUSEKEEPER→ inspects rooms and Manages cleaning staff.Complete sentences:1.The executive chef Manages the kitchen staff.At the moment,she's planning the menu for a banquet.2.The Receptionist works front desk.He's cheking in group of25.3.The executive Housekeeper supervises cleaning staff.He's inspecting all bathroom.4.The Building manager looks after building. He's supervising repair.5.The Waiter waits and tables.At the moment,he's taking the lunch.6.The bell Boy helps guests with luggage.He's carring.Covering letter:1.I Am writing to apply.2.As advertised.3.I have two years Experience.4.My responsabilities include.5.find attached a copy Of my CV.6.In adittion.7.As you can see.8.Please do not Hesitate to contact me.9.I look forward to.10.Yours Sincerely/faithfully/regards.Which sector (NOT relate)?:1.Accomodation:ski Instructor.2.Transportation:events manager.3.Attractions:concierge.4.Food And beverage:museum guide.5.Recreation:executive chef.6.Events And conferences:pilot.

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