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LETTERS OF APPLICATION • Paragraph 1 – say which job you are applying for and where you Saw the ad • Paragraph 2 – say why you are interested in the company • Paragraph 3 – say how you can contribute to the company • Paragraph 4 – give Your availability for interview

• Dear Mr • Yours Sincerely • I am writing in reply to • With reference to your letter dated 9 October • Please find enclosed • I would be grateful if you could send me • I Look forward to hearing from you

ADJECTIVE/ADVERB • Considerable/Considerably • Dramatic/Dramatically • Gradual/Gradually • Sharp/Sharply • Significant/Significantly • Slight/Slightly • Steady/Steadily • Substantial/Substantially

LOSING YOUR JOB • To Be fired – to be dismissed from your job for failure to comply with your Contract • To be made redundant – to lose your job because you are no longer Needed • To be laid off – to lose your job (not necesarily permanently) because There is not enough work

THE RECRUITMENT PROCESS • To train  new staff • To shortlist the candidates • To advertise a vacancy/post • To check references • To make a job offer • To assemble an interview panel

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