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Details: Your address a la dereecha y la suya a la izquierda
1 Paragraph: Say why you are writing
2 Paragraph: Give details of the problems
3 Paragraph: Talk about possible action.
4 Paragraph: End letter in a formal way

An Opinion Essay

1 Paragraph: State your position and indicate your intention in the essay
2 Paragraph: Dscribe one or two benefits
3 Paragraph: Describe one or two more benefits
4 Paragraph: State your conclusion

A For And Against Essay Pros and Cons

1 Paragraph: Introduction
2 Paragraph: Pros or Cons
3 Paragraph: Cons
4 Paragraph: Conclusion and decide 100% Black or white

An Email To Friend

Opening: Say Hello
1 Paragraph: Ask How the other person is
2 Paragraph: What you did and how you felt
3 Paragraph: What you did and how you felt
4 Paragraph: ask the other person to write
Say goodbye

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