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criollismo literature: The short story which expresses more intense perioso is between 1890 and 1910


-Realistic tone

-The landscape determines the behavior and character of the characters "there is a psychological relationship between landscape and human behavior

-The story is the literary genre representative of this movement

-Engagement of the writer with the literary context

and the story of the native venezonalo: there is a close relationship between Venezuela and the story of the native as they maintain the same thematic inspiration for a variety show so without losing sight of the letter as a work of art

influences of the native:

contumbrista realism: he wants to imply that the subject matter that keeps what has changed criollismo

criollos in Latin America: Ariga is a trend in the Hispanic American literatuda here when we talk about neo criollismo

neo criollismo: is the new criollismo without changing their habits without thematic emphasis

Creole: Creole called anyone a descendant of Spain

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