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W8 (e-mail) Hi Manolo.// I'm also looking froward to you coming to visit, I can't wait! Since I know you so well, I know how much you like having everything organized. So, I have made a plan for the whole week.// on Friday, we will just relax and if you aren't too tired we can go for a coffe. On Saturday is when the fun begins, I got us two tikets to do see Ariadna Grande. They were 50% off, because a friend works backstage.// Finally, on Sunday we are going to the chocolate museum which is very known in Barcelona.// I won't tell you about the rest of the week, because I want you to be surprised every day.// See you soon, lots of kisses.

W11 (FAMOUS CRIMINAL) Today I am going to write about my favorite murderer in the world, Dr. Hannibal Lecter. He is a character in a series of suspense novels by Tomas Harris, who is one of my favorite authors of crime fiction. // Hannibal was introduced in the 1981 in thriller novel "Red Dragon". He is considered one of the most despicable ,but intelligent, murderers of science fiction history.// But, teh real-life Lecter was a killer sugeron who spend 20 years in prison in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. He murdered 14 people, with knifes or even with his oun teeth, but always with inteligence, because he is doctorate in Psychology of crime.// One of his murders, my favorite, is when he managed to escape from prison. He takes advantage when they are feeding him. He bites off part of the police's arm and steals his keys.// After that he escapes from his cell and starts killing evey polices.

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