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 1. I envy people whose clothes are always the latest fashion.

2. Last year, the hotel where we stayed was destroyed in a fire. / The hotel where we stayed was destroyed in a fire last year.

3. Sam, who is usually punctual, has started coming to work late.

4. This shop has the book that / which I want to read.

5. Do you remember the time when / that it snowed here?

1. The football players, who have a big match next week, train every afternoon. / The football players, who train every afternoon, have a big match next week.

2. The Empire State Building, which is a very tall building, is in New York City. / The Empire State Building, which is in New York City, is a very tall building.

3. I discovered the virus, which came from Jerry’s e-mail, on my computer. / I discovered the virus which came from Jerry’s e-mail on my computer.

4. The racing car driver whose car crashed into a wall escaped without any injuries.

5. Susan left her laptop on the park bench, where she had been sitting.

6. The shop assistant folded the clothes which / that the customer had tried on.

7. Our neighbours, who have lived next to us for 20 years, are selling their house. / Our neighbours, who are selling their house, have lived next to us for 20 years.

8. I learned how to surf last summer when I was in Hawaii.


 1. The people with whom I work are friendly.

2. The building at which you are looking is very old.

3. The test for which we are studying hard will be challenging.

4. The boy at whom the teacher was shouting was very upset.

1. When / that 7. Where

2. Who / that 8. Which

3. Where 9. Who

4. Whose 10. Which

5. Who / that 11. That / which

6. Who

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