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people. 1)baker people 2) king arthur 3)Julius Caesar 4) emperor hadrian 5)king offa 6)king alfred 7)ethelred
8)edward the confessor 9) william of normandy 10)henry I 11)tomas becket 12)william wallace
13)robin hood 14)the black prince 15)joan of arc 16)richard iii 17)henry tudor

events. 1)stonhenge 2)power shifted to the thames valley 3)arrival of celts 4)first arrival of romans 5)romans settled 6)angles, saxons and jutes settled 7)the pope sent a monk to england 8)vikings arrived 9)norman conquest 10)domesday book 11)great charter 12)first parliament 13)first prince of wales 14)common law 15)the land dried out from excesive use 16)the wool trade 17)hundred years war 18)the black death 19) peasant's revolt 20) spread of religious writing threatened the chuch 21)war of roses 22)clothes trade 23) printing press

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